About My Art

     My works show my point of view. The drive to create my art is my deep love of life, so I care about people; I care about how they live, how they treat each other and how they treat the society that has been built by us collectively. If anything about others doesn’t matter with me, how can I exist within the society? If I exist, the thinking expressed by my work is the evidence that I exist.

     My work is inspired by the things that happened in the society. Therefore, all my pieces are talking about personal histories and engage people. I use common objects in my work represent daily life and possible potions for thinking about life in an idealistic way. I break down old paradigms and show everyone as equal. These stories are not only about ourselves and daily things, but also about other people. We live in a cross-cultural age. Therefore, how we govern ourselves and how we make ourselves aware of each other are important concerns of mine.

© 2018 by Chaoyi Wu