I am interested in all kinds of relationships among people, specifically in different cultures and countries. I want my art to emphasize something I think is important or something we ignore. 

I break down old paradigms and show everyone as equal. These stories are not only about ourselves and daily things, but also about other people. We live in a cross-cultural age. Therefore, how we govern ourselves and how we make ourselves aware of each other are important concerns of mine. 

In this age, we live in what I think of a “battery-based life”. Technology is involved in all our daily activities. I find a balance between humanity and technology through art. I use common technology to re-create a battery-based experience in my installations. I know some people believe that technology will isolate us, and I don’t ignore those ideas, but nevertheless I try to find a good way to use technology. In my pieces, technology helps me to interact with viewers, and I think this will bring them closer to the experience I want to create. 

I make my work to create an experience for the viewer, so that they can have their own experience of their world. Their bodies interact with my pieces to re-recognize themselves and their lives. In this experience their body is independent of everything else but their awareness. Their sense of movement, their vision and their tactile sensations come together into my artwork for them to have their own experience. This is what I call self-body awareness.